A closer view of my super-professional Audio Technica 4 Track Cassette Deck
I also composed and produced the Station Identification jingle for WSVN Radio
in Chicago, still played at least 3 times per hour every day.  Check it out!
And another fine gem you won't
find in any other music transfer
service - my prized Kenwood
De-Noiser, an adjustable noise
reduction unit designed especially
for tape recording.  This cool little
box enables me to record music
from your 8 tracks or cassettes
and preserve the crispness and
high frequencies, while removing
the tape hiss and audio noise!
A few pieces of my recording equipment:

$30 per tape or CD (1 to 4)
$20 per tape or CD (5 to 9)
$10 per tape or CD (10 or more)
My first CD release, recorded entirely
on my own studio equipment, and
available on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody
and all other major music download
sites.  Click on the CD at right to go
directly to my main distributor, hear
my music and read up on my musical
experience and background.  It's free!
Or, search any major music download
site for artist "Barry Fone" - that's me.

Enjoy your favorite music in your classic ride, and rest assured that your
music will be recorded with the highest possible quality - send it to:

Classic Car Radio Repair
4783 N. Glenrosa Circle
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314
Top Quality Transfer From 8 Track or Cassette to CD
My Billboard awards and ASCAP cards:
Classic Car Radio Repair
4783 N. Glenrosa Circle
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314

E-mail:  Barry8Track@cableone.net
Surprise!  I also happen to have 2 ASCAP memberships as songwriter and music
publisher - with an album on the market and
recordings!  I can offer the best quality transfer service possible, guaranteed. I
can transfer your music from 8 Track to CD, CD to 8 Track or Cassette, Vinyl to CD
or any other medium you choose to listen to, including MP3, wav, WMA, etc.
Barry's 8 Track and
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