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Details for FM Conversion, USB and Bluetooth Additions
FMC-1   FM Conversion Board (for adding mono FM only)
The FMC-1 uses advanced digital technology and sophisticated software algorithms to fully replicate the experience
of operating an original analog FM radio.  With quartz locked accuracy and an operational feel that is smooth and
precise, no one will ever know that your original AM radio can now receive FM broadcasts and also be used to
listen to an MP3 player, satellite radio, CD players, laptop or DVD audio - even a portable music keyboard or electric
guitar with active pickups!  This board is added into your radio without removing or modifying any part of the radio.
Thus, it can be easily removed if you ever decide to return your rare and valuable original radio to its former state.
This board can be used in all installations including 6 volt or 12 volt battery, with either positive or negative ground.
PLEASE NOTE that this board was designed for use in an AM radio without an 8 track, and
does not offer STEREO FM.
To receive FM Stereo broadcasts using an AM radio-only unit requires either the FMR-1 (below) or the AARI board.
FMR-1   Complete 180 Watt AM-FM Stereo Radio with Line In
Bring your radio or radio/8 track into the new age, and stop worrying that your
prized classic audio system will break down - possibly due to failure of
which are no longer available!
 We can remove the existing electronics and
install this cool module -
with no external evidence that the unit was modified!
No points will be taken off at car shows, as this module is wired to your
existing tuner and controls - and you won't believe the sound and power!
Listed below are just some of the features the FMR-1 has to offer.
45 Watts Per Speaker For Up to 4 Speakers

Whereas virtually all classic car audio systems deliver 5 to 10 watts per channel (and this is divided between 2 speakers in 4-speaker systems),
the FMR-1 module puts out an ear-stomping 45 watts PER SPEAKER with incredible frequency range and with very low distortion.  If you plan
to use only 1 or 2 speakers to keep your car all-original, you can simply leave the unused speaker output wires disconnected.

Your Radio Operates Exactly the Same as it Did Before

Your volume, tone, balance, fader and band switch (if so equipped) will work as they did before - EXCEPT that now you can temporarily use
one control to substitute for a control
that was not there before!  For instance, your Delco unit now has a left-right balance control, or your
Ford or Chrysler unit now has a front-rear fader.  By simply giving your tone control a couple quick turns, your tone control becomes a
front-rear fader (for example) until the FMR-1 senses that you have stopped adjusting it and returns the unit to normal operation!

Incredible  Clarity of Sound!

It's no secret that all vintage car radios sound like "loud transistor radios" - tinny, scratchy and muffled especially at high volume levels.  In
addition, the tone control might as well not even be there as it must always be fully clockwise due to the overabundance of midrange
(vocal and guitar frequencies) which tends to obscure subtle sounds such as the drummer's hi-hat, cymbals and high-end overtones.  In
short, your original factory radio has no
finesse.  And when playing low fidelity 8 track tapes, this lack of finesse is even more pronounced.

But with the FMR conversion, the frequency response is equal at all frequencies with the tone control in the
centered position.  This means
that you will hear sounds you didn't hear before at above-center position - the very "live" acoustical environment of Motown recordings,
the shimmering plate reverb often used on vocals, and even the warm, clean sound of the tube guitar amplifiers used back then.

Finally, for possibly the first time in your life you will enjoy near-CD quality sound from 8 track tapes.  The bass is tight and punchy - not
overbearing and muddy - and the FMR offers so much treble boost in the range above the highest note that can be played, you will likely
find yourself turning the tone control
down at times to reduce the level of these sweet-sounding harmonics and overtones.  

Automatic Loudness Contouring

The human ear is a very Imperfect device, in that it lacks the ability to hear the extreme lows and extreme highs at low listening levels.  To
compensate for this, you might remember a "Loudness" switch on vintage home stereo receivers.  This switch emphasizes the extreme low
and high end, allowing the receiver to sound rich and full at low volume levels.  But when you turn up the volume, the Loudness switch had
to be turned off - or the bass would be much too strong resulting in horrible distortion and possibly damaging your speakers.

But with the FMR conversion, loudness contouring is
automatically applied at lower levels, and automatically reduced as the listening
volume is increased.  At very high volume levels, the contouring is completely removed.  The end result is that your radio and 8 track
player sounds rich and full at all volume levels, but without the annoying overpresence of bass when turning the volume up very high.
As a former professional musician with 5 awards from Billboard and a self-produced CD on the market - and as a current professional
audio technician who knows what music should sound like - I can say with confidence that you won't bee-LEEEVE how good it sounds!
To see how we do this BETTER than other shops, click HERE
USB-1   USB Add-On to the FMR-1
USB flash drives (also called Thumb Drives) have become the universal format for carrying your favorite music
around from place to place.  A single, very inexpensive USB stick can hold
more than 10,000 songs, audio
books, podcasts, movie soundtracks, etc.  With the USB-1, these USB drives can now be used in your classic
car hot rod's radio as easily as in a modern car or on your home computer.  Just plug the USB drive into the
cable on your radio, and it automatically switches over and starts playing.

And since all of Aurora Design's products are designed to integrate seamlessly together, you can control such
functions as Previous/Next, Play/Pause and Random/Sequential playback right from your radio's existing knobs.
Unlike clunky aftermarket solutions, everything is automatic and glitch-free.
The USB-1 is smart enough to continue where it left off - rather than starting over - if you stop to get gas or have lunch.  The USB-1 can also be
used to charge your phone, MP3 player or tablet (any USB device that needs charging).  Thanks to the flexibility of Aurora Design products, you
can even charge your USB devices in cars which use a 6 volt or positive ground system.

The USB-1 was engineered to work seamlessly with all Aurora Design products, so you can create the ultimate classic car radio with AM-FM
180 watt digital radio, Bluetooth audio streaming, hands-free phone and ability to hear your favorite songs regardless of radio programming.
BT-1   Bluetooth Add-On to the FMR-1
The BT-1 was designed from the ground up to fully integrate with the FMR-1 receiver, offering features and
performance that can't be matched with cheap off-the-shelf products.   Since it is built into the radio by us,
it won't occupy your cigarette lighter plug - and the only wiring is a single, semi-permanent microphone cable
which is long enough for mounting to the visor or windshield so they hear your voice, not the echo and noise.

Since the mic cable is more than 9' long, it can be routed and hugged around everything, essentially hidden.
It's important to have the mic as close to the mouth as possible to eliminate as much road noise and car
interior acoustics - leaving only the sound of your voice, and stopping people from asking you to take them
off speakerphone for lack of clarity.  

Note:  It's best to speak "past" a mic rather than "into" it - this clears up the "p", "t" and "s" sounds.
An optional blue LED indicates Bluetooth status, much like on a new car.  When a call comes in, the radio softly mutes and phone mode engages
automatically.   Since the BT-1 is installed in the radio, it leaves the Line Inputs free for other devices.   There's no need to find a knob or
button to switch to Bluetooth, and the BT-1 holds onto the call even if quiet for several seconds.   Same applies to steaming audio.  The BT-1
stays in constant communication with the FMR-1 for solid, reliable performance rivaling that of a Bluetooth-equipped new car.

Controlling streaming audio playback is just as easy:  Just as you would tune the radio to a different channel for different music, you simply
bump the tuning knob left or right to skip to the next or previous song.  At our age, the tuning knob is a lot easier than a tiny button!
Available Packages  (Complete Teardown and Retrofit):
180 Watt AM-FM-MP3 only (no possible future USB or Bluetooth) = 475.00

180 Watt AM-FM-MP3 only (with ability to add on USB and Bluetooth) = 495.00

180 Watt AM-FM-MP3 with USB (can add Bluetooth later) = 575.00

180 Watt AM-FM-MP3 with Bluetooth (can add USB later) = 595.00

180 Watt AM-FM-MP3 with USB and Bluetooth (all possible options) = 649.00

Please add $49 if your unit is a combination radio/8 track player
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